Conservatory designs: Which style is right for your home?

As more and more homeowners look to stay in their property rather than relocate, conservatories have become increasingly popular. Why spend thousands of pounds just to move when instead you can instead improve your current home?

And a conservatory installation is one of the best ways to do this. There are plenty of conservatory designs to set your home apart from the crowd too, so you can be sure of finding a beautiful style.

Of course, a lot of the finished look will come down to your specifications. How large do you want the conservatory?
How much budget do you have to spend? How much space is available? These are just three of the questions you’ll need to ask before deciding on a set conservatory design.

There are rules stipulating planning permission and Building Regulations, but as long as you don’t live in a Conservation Area, neither of these should present much of a problem.

If you’re considering a conservatory, why not take a look at some of the amazing conservatory designs below:

Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are popular amongst British homeowners, with an attraction because of their similar appeal to existing rooms in the property. In fact, they’re often seen as the perfect way to extend your home.

So what is it with the Edwardian conservatory design which differs from others available? This style is characterised by square fronted corners, making it a lot easier to fit furniture into the space. They offer strong bold lines and an elegant appeal, with the option of turning the space into a living room, dining room or even garden room.

Victorian conservatories

If the straight lines of the Edwardian conservatory design aren’t for you, then how about the rounded style of a Victorian installation? One of the huge draws of the Victorian design is that there’s plenty of choice.

In fact, Victorian conservatory designs are popular because of the chance to choose exact specifications. What does this mean? You have the final say in just how your money is spent, including the frames, windows and door positioning.

Lean-to conservatories

Lean-to conservatory designs are perfect for smaller homes wishing to extend. As you would expect from the name, the roof leans against the property at an angle and this type of conservatory is cheaper than other options available.

Of course, at a cheaper price you wouldn’t expect to benefit from the same elegance and sophistication as with a Victorian or Edwardian style, but they provide valuable extra space for the home. Of course, you can still choose factors such as the door type to create a fantastic visual appeal.

Gable front conservatories

Gable front conservatories are a variant from the popular Edwardian designs and as such are perfect for offering space and height. Many experts claim gable front designs to offer the best in both internal and external appeal.

Gable conservatory designs give space and light, whilst retaining a classic appeal that ties in with the existing look of many properties around the country. You also have the flexibility throughout design to truly get the conservatory of your dreams. And once complete you’ll have added a wealth of value to your home.

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