Conservatory prices: How much will you spend?

Have you ever wondered why conservatories are so popular? They’re dotted around the UK, acting as an extension to the main property, and there are plenty of reasons to think about your own investment.

First off, with the housing market not exactly in its finest hour, a conservatory gives you the opportunity to explore other options. Why not increase the space in your current home rather than relocate, adding a whopping £9,000 to the value of your property at the same time.

With this extra space a conservatory provides, you have the chance to cater for a growing family and the space can be used for what’s needed. Maybe this would be a living room, dining area or even playroom.

There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from as well and this gives you an excellent opportunity to create a unique look for your home. Most have been styled on a certain era such as the Victorian and Georgian, but modern designs such as bespoke and lean-to are available as well.

It costs thousands of pounds just in fees and payments when you move home, which is why it’s definitely worthwhile considering a conservatory.

Conservatory prices

When it comes to creating more space in the home, a conservatory is certainly one of the best ways to do this.

Conservatories prices will range from company to company but below we offer a guideline to how much the extra space will set you back:

  • Average conservatory prices for supply and installation – £8,720
  • 3mx3.5m Edwardian conservatory prices – £8,600
  • uPVC lean-to conservatory with 16 square metre floor space – £9,000

The benefits of a conservatory

So you know how much a conservatory will cost, but is it all worthwhile? Well take a look at just some of the amazing benefits below and make your own decision:

  • Add value to your home

Don’t want the hassle of moving home? Then improve your own property and add over £9,000 to the value with a conservatory.

  • Create extra space

You’ll have the space to use exactly how you want. This could be as a living room, dining area or even playroom.

  • Excellent access to the garden

Not only will your conservatory open up into the garden with beautiful bifolding, French or patio doors, but as it’s made from glass you’ll be able to admire your garden all year round.

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